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Why I don't do dogfrisbee or fetch

I'm constantly trying new fun things to do with my dogs, but there is something I just never did with any of my dogs.
Go to the park to go play fetch, and dogfrisbee.
Well first of all, it seems that the majority of collies doesn't want to fetch a bal. (Read, none of my collies ever wanted to fetch a ball) I have to say most of the time when I see such activity's I think wow cool, but it isn't really my cup of tea.

After reading a book about agility and injuries, I began thinking about other sports too.
I know my collies are a herding breed, and they need to be swift and agile, they have to turn and run around sheep, but that is way different then running after a bal in the park.

Over the years we people created all those particular dogbreeds for our own purposes and needs, and as the years passed, and also the coming of machines etc. dogs where not needed for that function anymore, we just keep them as company. That is awsome ofcourse, but the base of our dog is still that active animal.
So to keep our animals in a great shape we do all kinds of exercise,what is great, but have you ever heard about a dog who was chasing a hare 50 times a day??
When dogs used to search for their own food, ofcourse they chased hares and rabbits, they got their food in the end and they could rest for the next moment to arive to chace their food.
But when we go to a dogpark to exercise our dogs we trow a ball like 20 times? more?? Or we throw a frisbee, also superfun, but what happens to all those joints?

While they jump and come down their is a lot of stress on the body of the dog, and they could land very badly, and injure themselves, and while fetching a ball a dozen times, they need to jump and turn around and make strange moves, what is not normal for a dogs body.

So while reading this book and thinking about this activities, I knew  why I didn't really bother teaching my doggies fetch.......
I go walking instead (btw, you loose some calories yourselve when your walk :)  )


  1. None of us play fetch either. We do our tracking and nose work for sports and walk and run daily for exercise.

    1. I knew I wasn't the only one who doesn't do that :)

  2. We love to walk and hike, too. It makes us both feel great!

    1. I really like to get exercised myself, so walking and hiking is to me also more fun

  3. You are right, it can put some stress on their joints to do some of those activities which is one reason we always recommend to work up to it and also to do a good warm-up exercise. Walking is the best though!

    1. Yes indeed warm-up's are very important, aswel as training to a goal.

  4. you made some important points, I never thought about it like that before. Dakota likes fetch (occasionally), but not all of the time. DakotasDen

    1. I'm looking at a lot of demo's of dogsports while we are at dogshows, and I Always have my thinkingmodus on. And sometimes I think wow cool, and sometimes I'm really worried for the dogs fysical condition


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