Animal Event

As I've been writing earlier this week, we went to the Animal Event in Hilvarenbeek, last Sunday.
It is the most cool event for all animal lovers. There is something to do with almost all kinds of animals. From Alpaca to rabit, dogs cats, you name it. I was very Lucky to get free tickets, from a lady I train with at dogschool. But otherwise it is wel spent money.

I took Vivien and Judy with me, because I don't show them a lot at conformation so I wanted them to have some fun also.
We looked at demo's from Hoopers, search and rescue, dutch cell dogs, that was a project where people who are in jail are working with shelter dogs to teach the dogs some basic things so the dogs can go in their forever homes with a stabilized character!

Also we did our best in a labyrint contest. I had to walk through the labyrint and Vivien needed to find me as quick as possible, that was so much fun, and if she could jump, she would absolutely skip the whole labyrint and just jump to me.

There where lots of tradestands with games, leads, food, information on sports, almost to much.
I was pretty amazed by the demo of braingames for dogs, and I got some great inspiration from that. I posted a few days ago about buying the book of Helen Hagestein. That was I think for me one of the highlights of the day, our dogs love those games. I don't know how many games Vivien dived into at this event, but when there where games displaid on the floor, she tried them.
So I think I have to make many of those funthings out of my book.

It was terribly hot that day, so we had to keep easy and calm and moisturize!!! So the dogs where kept in the shade, and got a lot of water, I had water with me myself, but at the event where large barrels everywhere, and you could get clean water for your dogs out of it. That is a great thing about this event, prioriry for the animals first!!

I don't know what I have to do next year, but if I don't have a dogshow and the wheater is nice, I will go again to the Animal event.
I loved it and the dogs did too!!!

cudling with donkeys

Balance and coordination

Search and rescue


keeping hydrated!


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