First post since long time

I'm so sorry........ It took me a loooong time to go back to blogging as you all can see. But that is because I'm extremely busy with most of the time dogstuff.
And I think that is a great thing, I have so many new funthings to blog about.
In march I have been to the National Specialty of the Collie Club of America again, and I had some great experiences there, I started of with Canicrossing!! I still need to get into my kickbike habit again, but ok.
I have some real cool books to tell you about, some awsome Sunnybank stuff. I'm 1 Snuffelbox, and 1 woefbox behind sceduele, so blogging on that also.

Yesterday I've been to the animal event, that is one of the coolest events in the Netherlands, and I have some nice inspiration for new fun games, and other exercise stuff.

And I may not forget I bought the replica skull of Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman ROM, I will work on that with plasticine, trying to make a colliehead as close to the breedstandard as possible.

So that is a lot of things. In the meantime I have been writing 2 articles about my trip to the USA, one for our Dutch collieclub, and one for Collie Revue Germany. Both magazines are not out yet, but I will post updates when they arive.

Have I missed something?? Well I do try to post now more often again.

Hopefully you will not regret all our doggie adventures!

The whole gang, on a hot day this weekend


  1. It's so good that you have been busy, but we have missed you! Love the photo! They all look nice and happy! DakotasDen

    1. Aww thanks you did mis the adventures of the pack!!!


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