Judging at dogshow-ringtraining

Last year, in December, yes I know a while back, I judged at the showtraining event of Dogshow-ringtraining Drouwenermond.

I was asked if I wanted to do judging of their last day of the training season, to make a nice ending of their trainingsyear.
Ofcoarse I'm not a real conformation Judge, but I have been intensively showing dogs since 2004, so I know how things are going in the showring.

So in december it was their end of the season, and my first ever judging apointment.
There where multiple groups of dogs and it really went just like a real dogshow, only I went over the dogs, not judging the dogs, but taking notice of their handler if they where doing the correct thing.
Showing me the bite of their dog, gaiting them and presenting them.

For every dog was made a judging report with points, so that was really curious for me too.
I was so focused on all aspects I didn't really know who was my nr 1 handler.

So when they calculated points I was just as curious as all the participants.

At the end of the evening my nr 1 was Frieda Poelarends with her Australian sheperd
nr 2 Karin van Viersen with her Grand basset Griffon Vendeen
and 3 was Nadine ter Bork with a Barbett.

This was a real cool experience and maybe in future I will do such great things again!!!
I really like to thank Michel & Renate Agterberg, and Corrie vd Warf of Dogshow-Ringtraining Drouwenermond for a great nice evening with pleasant people!!

Nadine ter Bork with her Barbet

Frieda Poelarends with her Australian sheperd

Karin van Viersen with her GBGV


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