My new book of ideas, and I have it signed

This weekend, I've been to the Animal Event in Hilvarenbeek. It is a cool event with everything focusing on dogs, cats, donkey's, horseys, chickens, wel you name it. All kinds of animals.
As you can see on my blog I'm a big fan of doggames and puzzles, and there where many of those games for sale ofcoarse.
But even more cool, there where demo's by the team of Hersenwerk voor honden, (brainwork for dogs) and they showed how to make little fun games with ordinary stuff, you probably have at your own home.
We where a bit late, otherwise we could have been participates in the workshop, but there was just so much to see.
So when the demo was almost over I went to their tradestand and got into conversation with all the nice persons who are doing this.
I decided to get the book Hondenspellen, by Helen Hagestein, it contains 111 games you can make yourselve, I told this lady that Vivien is a master at doing games so she ensured me it would be a great succes.
Afterwards she signed my book!!!! So it is really a personal item now, and I'm pretty exited about it.
And I got collecting kitchentowelrolls imediatly, because now I see a doggame everywhere!!!

Signed by the author!!


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