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About me

Hi there,

Who am I? I'm Antje and totally crazy about dogs! Especially my own 2 breeds the rough collie, and borzoi. There have been dogs in my life since I was 4 years old, but I've been involved in rough collies since 2000, in 2006 the first borzoi made an introduction in my life.
With my parents we somethimes breed rough collies by the name Glamourace Collies.

I live in a home with 8 dogs, 1 collie boy, 6 collie girls and 1 bozoi girl.
They are my pride and joy!!!

Last summer I did the official course KK1 Canine Knowledge of the Dutch Kennelclub raad van Beheer, and I passed the exam for it! So I want to proceed with the coarse next fall.
I'm a showtraining instructor every now and then, I also judged a handlingsexam in the past, so showing is really one of my greatest joys.

All the news and stuff will be on the kennel blog.
Take a look at our Glamourace collies here

My biggest passion is showing, but there is more.

I hope you all enjoy this blog

sincerely your friend



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The collie standard by Mia Ejerstad

Another great book, and I happen to be the lucky girl who has both of her books. It is the same, but the small one is the first one she published and the larger one is the new revisited one.

Why is this book a great one??? Well this one will explain with picutres to go with it, how the ideal collie should look. All parts of the collie come along while you read this book. Headtypes, what is a perfect shape of a head, what is acceptable, and various faults, in bigger and lesser degree. But also how angulation needs to be in front and back, and what is an acceptable tail! I think that it is very nice that all ellements come in to vision with many drawings,  because while explaining a form in letters, it is far more easy to see for youselve on a picture.

Many beautifull drawing from the hand of Mia are in this book, she really knows how to capture the beauty of the collie and make the standard of our breed into vision.
I do go over this book so many times, and it gives me a clear view of …

Happy new Year

Happy new year to you all!!!!
It seems I'm not really consistant with writing my blog....... And I'm not gonna make new resolutions this year about bloging more or what so ever.
Instead I have a sweet little videoclip of Anna playing with her terribly anoying squeeky toy!!!!

Dental care update!!

A while ago, I bought some new dental care gel and foam and I promissed to make an update on it.
I have been using the teethgel and foam in the first period for nearly every day, the youngsters got their foam, and the adults the gel.
I must say it worked, really, teeth where clean and there was not new tartar and stuff building on their teeth, so that was positive.
But, there is a but, I'm sorry, my dogs stomachs did not react great on the cleangel. That was a big shame because I really loved it that I didn't have to brush so regularly their teeth. And I do know that, that is a lazy thing, but when teeth are white and shiny and I don't have to brush that much I get happy! So now I use it once a week, and it works ok, but when I finish the bottles I don't think I will buy it again, not because of the product but purely because of my dogs getting not totally well.
And I don't like it when my doggies get diarrhea after their teeth being done.

If your dogs have a bette…